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Some occasions are just that extra special and as such deserve their own album. Whether it be a wedding, anniversary, baby shower, birthday party, or vacation, having those memories compiled into a photo album will stay as a lasting memory that can be recalled whenever the heart desires!

Double-stitched bindings and high-quality gloss paper allow your photo album to look glossy and fresh even decades later. Encapsulate your best moments with our one-of-a-kind photo albums. Order now!

Canadian Made
Photo Books & Wedding Albums

100% Manufactured in Canada.

With plenty of customization options available our photo books are designed to treasure and preserve your most special moments and memories. Hand-made by our team of experts each photo album is manufactured in Canada to ensure the highest quality standards and adherence to detail.

Double-stitched bindings and high-quality gloss paper allow your photo album to look glossy and fresh even decades later. Encapsulate your best moments with our one-of-a-kind photo albums. Order now!

Customizable Options

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter work. As such, we offer all our customers full liberty to design their photo albums according to their personal tastes and preferences. From choosing what colour and cover material you want to the placement of pictures, we have plenty of options to suit your needs.

Acrylic Cover -VancouverPhotoLab
Acrylic Cover

When you pick up any wedding album the cover is the first thing you see. It is what triggers that wave of wonderful memories that put a smile on your face. Our acrylic covers help achieve just that! They offer a luxurious three-dimensional glass effect that makes a wedding album stand out and look that much more special.

Leather Cover

A leather cover makes for a more lightweight option and is an excellent choice for photo books and baby albums.

Our leather covers are available in seven colour options including white, grey, black, beige, navy, baby pink, and baby blue.

Key Features

Each photo book or wedding album is designed and created in-house by our team of dedicated professionals who value perfection above all else. Using the best software, highest quality materials, and years of experience each album we produce is one-of-a-kind.

Lustre Photo Paper Book - VancouverPhotoLab
Premium Lustre

We use Luster photo paper for all wedding and portrait shots as it gives off a natural sheen and prevents scratches and smudges – providing a superior glossy finish.

aluminum printing
0.7mm Ultra Thick

Each photo print is infused upon an ultra-thick 0.7mm card that can’t be folded or crumpled. This offers superior durability and makes for better viewing.  

Faux leather Photo Album Book - VancouverPhotoLab
Faux Leather

We use artificial leather that is sourced locally for our photo books and baby albums. Faux leather is the most preferred choice as it is a highly durable material that looks classy for any occasion.

How Much Does A Photo Book Cost?

The pricing of a photo book or wedding album largely depends upon its “spread”. The spread is the number of pages in a particular photo book or album. A typical spread starts from 10 pages and goes up to 24 pages max. The pricing of the spread can vary but below is a rough estimate of costs for a 10, 16, 20, and 24 spread photo book or album.

10 Spreads


16 Spreads


20 Spreads


24 Spread


Fun & Easy Album Building Using Our Proprietary Software

Building an album was never as fun and easy as it now is with Toronto Photo Lab. Using our album software builder you can make your very own professional photo albums. Simply pick the template you want and place pictures the way you want in the designated boxes. Once you are done we will print the album exactly how you have designed it!

  • Premium Faux Leather

    We want your photo story to be one that you
    revisit again and again. That’s why the bindings of Photo Books are hand-stitched. This attention to detail keeps your book polished and pristine.

    Premium Faux Leather
  • Flat Lay & Panoramic Templates

    When designing your photobook, templates are provided to make overall design easier so that your photos come out looking neat and clean.

    Flat Lay & Panoramic Templates
  • Premium lustre photo paper

    Our albums use premium quality
    photo lustre paper. This paper ensures that your
    photos turn out very sharp, crisp and glossy.

    Premium lustre photo paper